Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Me Micki a Blogger!

I can say I was a blogger before I was a photographer so don't laugh!

I have finally got myself a BLOG going and now everyone can say MICKI is a has a PHOTOG BLOG AND is PHOTOG BLOG BLOGGING right?

So for those of you that know me I will try to let everyone know what I am doing. Since everyone knows I am not blogging because I am PHOTOGGING (new word).

So what am I up to? I am working on pictures of a wonderful family that we took pictures of on the beach. It seems we couldn't take ONE bad picture of them. Gorgeous smiles and a gorgeous evening and it wasn't even HOT. Only thing I did that was wrong was I forgot my water down on the beach. Number one rule ALWAYS have water with you!

Anyway, I spent the whole day trying to get this up and pretty so I could keep everyone up to date on what is going on. Only thing left to work on are these pictures and getting the rest of some Retirement stuff finished as well as some finishing stuff on some Wedding pics and get them on DISKS. Getting ready for the KREWE'S Charity MAUI GRAS LUAU where we are the PHOTOGRAPHERS. There are still tickets available if you are interested.

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Anonymous said...

your photo's are so wonderful. The Willis family was beautiful. The one girl is really photogenic.