Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sarah Palin comes to Pensacola

So Torrey and me get to take pictures of Sarah Palin.

Oh we had so much fun!

Well we enjoyed finally getting into the Pensacola Civic Center but not the LONG line outside. It was raining the whole time and the 10,000 people (plus) that also waited were drenched.

My friend Wendy, myself and Torrey decided to go have lunch after an hour and a half and then came back after the line was almost gone (and we almost missed the Rally).

We almost couldn't stand out there anymore.

I had friends wait for four hours to get in.

Now was it worth it?


She was amazing. If you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or nothing at all a Rally is just amazing.

The spark they have just being out there on stage is just wonderful.

I enjoyed being in the Civic Center (the same place where the Ice Pilots Hockey Team used to play).

So, now I can say YEAH, I got my daughter to a bit of history.

YEP! ~ History in the making! Election 2008!

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