Monday, May 25, 2009

My friend LESA (who helped me with PROM) check her out

My friend LESA, who helped me with prom along with the hubby, just had a wedding shoot and I would love for you to check out her web page.

I'm leaving Pensacola as soon as school is out and, well, I will be highlighting some wonderful people in the area that are willing to do some shoots on the beach or elsewhere. Lesa is also pretty good at shooting inside on the stage (as you can tell).

Lesa is very laid back and does the simple lifestyle approach to things. Plus she's LOTS of fun!

She has been a friend of mine for over two years here in the Pensacola area (she lives in Mobile) and I would not have gone as far as I have in my photography business without friends like Lesa.

So check her out at her website

Thanks so much ~ micki

Check out....
a wedding by Lesa ....

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