Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is here... run run run

Looking forward to the next few weeks/months with family photo shoots/vollyball and possibly yes Soccer (maybe) in the works. Even a couple of weddings booked out. Looking to start shooting for those Senior Portraits and now that the weather is cooperating (YEAH) Cherry Blossoms in DC. Tomorrow the Hubby and I will be going there to take some pictures and enjoying the day.

Things are starting to "bloom" as they say and my rest time is over. People that are asking for "when" I will be available and such I have an answer now. Yes... I guess my winter rest of the move has now turned into yep I am available and can get out into the weather and enjoy the spring and shoot shoot shoot. YEAH!

I have just used my graphic art ability to designed a T-Shirt for a YOUNG LIFE 5k. I Truly enjoy using my talents like this and still love getting behind the computer and working in this media. I forgot how much I did. Restorations/Photo Shopping and Picture taking took over so much of my life. If you are wanting more information about the race or want to register please check it out "here".

We have been having fun taking pictures for Young Life which is an AWESOME program here for our teenagers.

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Gerard Foy Photography said...

wonderful design micki. i wish i could do stuff like that. dont have the vision for graphic design. love it..