Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is here and the flowers bloom...

Gorgeous trip to DC last week was well worth it.

We came out with some beautiful pictures of some gorgeous Cherry Trees and some wonderful family time.

It was just a gorgeous day and the trees were just perfect.

It was so wonderful seeing so many people who had come from so many places just to see the beauty of this one place, the capital of our country.

It was truly wonderful!

My son has taken up learning how to use an SLR camera and he actually got in a few wonderful pictures himself. YEAH!I encourage everyone to get out there and snap a few pictures of the trees before the blooms start turning. Of course you will have to do this while you are sneezing. Don't forget to start thinking about booking those PROM pictures and spring/summer photo shoots now. I am actually starting to fill up my weekends.

Enjoy the beautiful days we are having here in Southern Maryland! ~ micki

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Gerard Foy Photography said...

Oh yea I can see the same technique here and as regards the name you got to call it something!