Friday, September 17, 2010

Senior Portraits

First thing everyone always asks is how much.

Well.... my daughter is a senior this year and we decided this year it would just only be $50 (session fee) to let me take you out and on a "photo-shoot" (like I do with a model) and have fun fun fun.


Wherever you want to go.... Got ideas?

Lets do it.

Play a sport?
Let's do that!
Let's have fun.


I'll let you have a 8x10 on me and a couple of 5x6's.

Then there will be several portfolio packages (senior portrait packages) that you can purchase. I will also make individual pictures easily able to be bought as well as wallets. This makes it easy. I will make sure you have a couple little pictures to upload for your facebook (fun pics). I want to treat you right. YES!

I can do other things too....

I can do "senior graduation photo announcement cards". I got one of these from a friend of mine who's son graduated in Texas and I was blown away how wonderful it was to get a postcard that was colorful and beautiful with his pictures on it announcing his graduation.

Make a "senior photo book" YEP! ~ I can do that too.

Remember your senior portfolio/pictures are all about YOU!

~ Micki ~ 850-291-5853

We are willing to go take pictures of your Senior at one of their sporting event for their senior portfolio too.

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