Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer of 2012

Summer of travel for me (Micki) 

It started off with a trip to Hawaii with the Hubby. 

 I took my camera with me because I was following on to Austin to take pictures for a friend (their engagement pictures).  I don't normally travel with my equipment as I'm fine with taking my little point and shoot.  

 The waves on the North Shore were just fabulous!
 Waikiki was just a DREAM! 
Oh to think I lived in Hawaii for Four Years...  It was just wonderful to be there for a week and enjoy this every night.  

Then I was off to Austin to enjoy my mom and friends.  YEAH! 

 Here are some of the pictures I took of my friends :)  Aren't they just adorable! 
 I then got to go home and rest for a bit (after those three weeks of having fun) and then get ready for a week in Kentucky with the Youth on a Mission trip (camping).   It was an amazing time filled with Praise and Worship at a homeless shelter (first picture) to finding out how to "help communicate" with each other on the rope course (second picture). 

I was amazed at how inspirational these kids were (most of them were 14-15 year olds).  They jumped right in playing with the kids at the boys and girls club and had no problem weeding and doing whatever was asked of them.  I was humbled by so many things that happened the week I was in Kentucky and found Joy in many people that week where I didn't know I could find it. 


I was sad to almost come home but thrilled I was going to get to come sleep in my bed (tents are a bit rough).  I was also looking forward to my next adventure GERMANY.  My mother-in-law who lived there for over 14 years and I took a trip to go visit friends and just had a great time.   I only took my little Fuji point and shoot camera (because it is so much easier and safer).

The food was just overwhelmingly good!  This was from a Turkish place! 

 YUMMY!!! The deserts!  oh so YUMMY!
  The buildings were just stunning!  This of course is just a normal building you see everyday right?  HA

 We got to go to Belgium to pick up my Nephew and this was the Train Station.  WOW!

So I would say I had a FANTASTIC Summer! 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a really wonderful and full summer! I certainly enjoyed the visit. Love the pictures too!