Saturday, October 30, 2010

Waldo goes to Restore Sanity and/or Fear' Rally

You won't believe who WE FOUND!


and you won't believe where we found him.

At the Rally in DC!


I kid.

The truth is you wouldn't be able to find anything at the rally (Restore Sanity) in DC today. There were way more than 100 thousand people (probably more like 500 thousand).

We took our son (Corbin) who dressed up like Waldo (since everyone always thinks he looks like Waldo anyway). He wanted to do this and we had some FUN. Well we did this until we realized that we wouldn't be able to MOVE or HEAR anything but then realized it wasn't about going there to hear anything or see anything but just SHOW up and let the whole world know we are either insane or we just care for something (not sure what) but something.

The signs people made were hilarious (and nope can't post half of them here for censorship purposes). We truly enjoyed it so please enjoy some of our "WALDO" pictures.

~ Micki "Fergi" Andrew and Corbin (Waldo)


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Mom said...

Wonderful blog and pictures. He is so cute!!